Testimonials From Clients Regarding Employment Law | Stop Unpaid Wages

I was out of work, I was owed a ton of back work, and I didn't know what to do. I heard about SUW from a friend who worked with their lead attorney a few years ago with their own work situation. I figured, why not if it worked her then why couldn't it work for me too. I compiled all of my paperwork, showed up for our first consultation, and over the course of the next few weeks, I witnessed the building of a great case. I get now why my friend advised me to reach out to them, because they WIN!!!!

Paul C. - Los Angeles, CA

You would be hard pressed to find a better and more knowledgeable law firm and legal team in helping you succeed in recovering YOUR money. Thanks so much for all the great work. 

Felicia A. - Los Angeles, CA

My husband had been laid off for pretty erroneous reasons and it was starting to really affect our quality of life. He had already gotten a new job but catching up to all the old bills was a real pain. We were curious if there was a way to recoup the lost income, was there someone who could help, or are we just left holding the bag? I did some research online and found Stop Unpaid Wages, called them to explain his situation, and they set up a free meeting for us to all talk further. Needless to say, I am writing this wonderful review because they took our case, they fought our case, all while we sat back and continued with our lives, and then they won our case. It was a windfall at the most perfect time and from now on, we won't be thrown to the side in the future, we will fight and find people like the team at Stop Unpaid Wages to help us. 

Natalie R. - Los Angeles, CA

The best, the best, the best, and did I mention the best. I got all the money owed to me and then some. It was quick and it was painless, for me at least haha. My ex-employer didn't know what hit them when my attorneys first reached out and they really didn't expect for us to nail them. All you employers out there be careful with how you cheat your workers because we have Stop Unpaid Wages on our side and we are all coming for you. 

Jeffrey S. - Los Angeles, CA

Couldn't ask to work with a better and more loyal team who looked out for my best interests. Not many do these days, life is rough, and it's dog eat dog out there. These guys are rockstars in their own right and do what they tell you they will. If you have a case, make them your first and last call, they will get you paid!

Ryan H. - Los Angeles, CA

I'm a hard worker so when my boss laid off a bunch of people with no reasoning and no severance package, most of the crew just settled. I did not and I will never go down without a fight. SUW put together a great case and fought tooth and nail for the money I was owed. As of now, 3 other friends / past coworkers are now fighting to get their money now, and they will win because they are also using SUW. 

Oren M. - Los Angeles, CA

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